Travel Adventures

The ORIGINS Project Foundation invites you to engage in a new kind of travel quest that is designed to challenge your mind, delight your senses and enrich your perspective.  Each trip offers a unique set of experiences that will transform the way you think about the world and the ideas that are shaping society, and your place in it.

ORIGINS Travel Adventures provide unprecedented access for small groups to visit sites of great historical significance and natural wonder, and interact with the people who are at the forefront of groundbreaking discoveries and ideas. The itineraries include visits to places that are not accessible to the public, such as laboratories and research sites, and feature lectures by special guest speakers who are directly involved with making ground-breaking discoveries and changing the way people view themselves and their surroundings.  These adventures attract a diverse group of fascinating people from around the world and the conversations amongst new friends on these journeys add a richness to the overall experience that many ORIGINS travelers describe as ‘transformational’.


Upcoming Opportunities

GreenlandRESCHEDULED to mid 2021

Galapagos Islands – mid 2022

Solar Eclipse in Newfoundland – April 2024

Highlights from previous trips

Cambodia and Vietnam – an expedition along The Mekong River
January 2020 (this link is under construction)


ORIGINS travelers return home enriched and inspired

It was the trip of a lifetime!  Having access to casual conversations with the guest speakers, and all the other fascinating travelers, was such a privilege.  So enlightening! I made friends and memories that I’ll cherish for life. Thank you ORIGINS! – traveler from the Mekong Expedition, January 2020

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