Beginning in the fall of 2019,

The Origins Project Foundation will host public events with thought leaders and celebrities from the worlds of science, humanities, and the arts. These entertaining and provocative events, involving the most important issues facing humanity in the 21st century, will initially be held in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Great Debates series will bring together panels of experts to present different perspectives on issues ranging from questions at the forefront of science to current social issues.

The Strange Bedfellows series will bring together scientists and celebrities, bridging what is too often an unfortunate gap between popular culture and science.

The Dialogues series will provide the public with a unique window into the thoughts and minds of some of the most interesting people in the world through in-depth, 90 minute, conversations.

Our events will build on a tradition established by an early program led by Lawrence Krauss at Arizona State University from 2008-2018.

These were very popular events and you can watch them on YouTube by clicking the link below.

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